A Message From Prime Group

Our attention is brought to kindly inform you; of a forged & malicious message that is being circulated on social media along with WhatsApp groups, in a deliberate effort to discredit Prime Group and purposefully mislead our distinguished customers.

We strongly declare that the message in circulation is completely false, baseless, misleading, inaccurate, published with malicious intent, and hence, lacks total credibility.

Prime Group is managed with the highest level of corporate governance and consistently maintains a very strong financial position. This is reaffirmed by the latest rating upgrading attributed to Prime Group by the independent Rating Agency ICRA LANKA LIMITED (Subsidiary of Moody’s Investor Service) from SL [A-] to SL [A] stable in April 2022. All our stakeholders consider this rating as one of the greatest achievements even under the prevailing circumstances.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Prime Group with a 26-year-of unblemished track record is now financially stronger than ever before and has always committed to serving our valuable customers in creating a better place on earth.

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